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  • How does LPR work?
    Our license plate recognition cameras capture and process the details of vehicles entering and leaving the car park. The data is then queried to identify any vehicles using your facility without a valid permit, exceeding the maximum stay period or failing to pay for parking. After validating that a parking charge is due, the vehicle owner’s data is requested from the DMV and a parking charge is sent.
  • What gives Etico Parking the legal right to issue parking charges?
    Etico parking does not issue penalties, citations or parking fines as it does not have authority to do so. Instead Etico Parking issues parking charges as per the terms and conditions clearly posted on signage throughout your site.
  • Are parking charges enforceable?
    Yes. When a motorist fails to pay his parking charge the case will be pursued just like any other contractual agreement.
  • Can you cancel a parking charge after it was issued?
    Yes. Anyone receiving can appeal a parking charge. While we do our best not to if we send a parking charge to a legitimate user in error they can follow our frictionless appeals process.
  • Who provides the signage?
    We do. All signage is provided and attached free of charge.
  • How long does it take to set up ANPR?
    We offer a quick set up service which means your ANPR car park can be set up within 4 weeks. Subject to survey.
  • How many cameras will we need?
    This is dependent on the car parks configuration. Our cameras will need to be fitted to the car parks entrance and exit points. Once we have carried out a free car park survey we can advise you on where best to have the cameras situated.
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