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Who we serve

Etico parking provides bespoke parking solutions to a veriaty of different sectors. We currently serve our customers throughout New York and New Jersey. But if you have a project somewhere else, send us a message and we will be in touch when we come to your area. 


Retail/Shopping Malls

These sites are often located in town centres making them a prime location for people to park but not actually shop. Our solution helps keep parking free for genuine customers. Our smart parking meters also enable you to charge for parking above a designated time period.   


Leisure and tourism  

People often park on such sites with the intention to enjoy the local area for several hours. Our solution gives you control to monetize you carpark through our intelligent parking meters or to keep your site clear for customers



Most supermarkets are located in town centres and without management people park for hour on end, blocking spaces for genuine customers. Our solution deters such parking



When parking is scarce residential parking can become ripe for parking abuse. Our solution helps curb such abuse from local residents and patrons of local businesses.    


Offices buildings

Parking at office buildings are often tight and nobody likes losing their parking spaces to space to a nearby property. Our solution will stop this from happening.

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